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We are committed to providing free Home Bible studies to individuals In order to carry out the commandment of our Lord to take the gospel to the entire world. In addition, we also are providing a unique online bible study you can take right now.
We want to reiterate our resolve to furnish these studies at no cost to individuals or congregations.

You will be able to take this Free Bible Study Course with no cost or obligation, in the privacy of your own home. We will need your name and email address to identify you as a student for our records. Someone from our church will contact you and set up a time and day to come teach the bible study to you.

If you would prefer a Free Home Bible Study online Click Here
Please call (260) 348-5000 for more information. There is no charge for either of the bible studies.

Please note, we will never use your information to solicit funds from you. This is a Free Home Bible Study. Any funds sent to our mailing address will be kindly returned.







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